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Tekoteko and Whetu

NZ$ 790.00

Product ID: 362

Traditional Maori wood carving, handcrafted by

Simon Rogers

Beautiful carving of a tekoteko representing Tawhirimatea (God of the weather) over a wheku representing Tangaroa (God of the sea) in totara with inlaid paua shell eyes.

This juxtaposition of a tekoteko (carved figure) over a wheku (carved face) is traditionally found at the gable of a wharenui (meeting house) and commonly represents the ancestor after whom the house is named. In representing the brother Gods, Tawhirimatea and Tangaroa, in this carving Simon has produced a work of traditional Maori art that would ideally stand as guardian of a boat or in a ship at sea.

Size: 340 x 96 x 33 mm. Weight: 330 gms.