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Marsden flower jade earrings

NZ$ 69.00

Marsden flower jade earrings, handmade by

Andy Ruskin

Green/yellow Marsden 'flower jade' pounamu earrings with nice translucency in the upper sections when held to light. Handsanded to a matte/satin sheen, not highly machine polished. Come with 12mm sterling silver sleeper hoops and felt drawstring bag.

Pounamu is the Maori name for nephrite jade, also commonly referred to as New Zealand greenstone. With qualities of rarity, beauty of colour, translucency and toughness for weapons and tools it was the most precious material to pre-European Maori and it is still revered by them today. It also heavier than most stone and feels lovely to the touch making it ideal for pendants and other ornaments that become more personal the more they are worn and handled.

Size (pounamu) 26 x 10 x 3 mm.

Photo is representative - please allow for some variation in features of pounamu.