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Mere pounamu, Maori weapon

NZ$ 1,750.00

Traditional Maori weapon, handmade by

Graeme Wylie

Mere (short jabbing weapon), handcarved in totoweka pounamu (blood of the weka greenstone, NZ nephrite jade with reddish inclusions), with traditional hand-plaited muka (flax fibre) cord.

We have sold a few of these mere now and this is one of the nicest we have seen - flawless stone, beautifully proportioned, well balanced with real weight and a strong, fine edge. To hold it is to understand why a mere was so revered and feared as a weapon by the Maori.

The mere pounamu was the most treasured possession of a Maori warrior and would indicate his status within his iwi (tribe). Magnificent specimens were symbols of an iwi's mana and authority over their land, they would be given names and through the stories attached to them became legendary. They were passed down through generations or gifted in exceptional circumstances.

Mere were also the most highly prized spoils of war. As a weapon they were generally not used as a club but with a thrusting motion aimed at the enemy's head or chest.

Size: 410 x 122 x 32 mm, Weight: 1.6 kg