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Whio pounamu, jade whistle pendant

NZ$ 69.00

Product ID: 291

Pounamu whistle pendant, handcarved by

Alf Moreton

Whio (whistle) toki (adze-shaped) pendant in a beautiful creamy raukaraka pounamu.

The variations in colour of pounamu (New Zealand jade) are endless. More than any other stone, a pounamu piece becomes more personal and prized the more it is handled and worn next to the skin, taking on the body oils and the spirit of the wearer.

Beautiful to wear as a pendant and fun as a whistle. The principle is similar to a traditional Kiwi shepherd's whistle. Anyone can learn to blow one. Begin by holding the pendant crossways with slit side out, lightly well back between your lips, then blow out while flicking your tongue against the hole in the bottom face. By making small adjustments to position and angle the first sounds you make will be a birdlike chirping. With practice you will gain more control of the sound and will soon be ready for your dog.

SPECIAL OFFER - If you would like help getting started with a whistle purchased from Kiwi2go please let us know and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a lesson by Skype.
Size: 56 mm x 25 mm x 7 mm
Leatherette box with natural wood trim