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Koauau, Maori flute

NZ$ 360.00

Traditional Maori musical instrument, handcrafted by

Simon Rogers

Koauau (flute) handcarved in deer bone, decorated with unaunahi (fish scale) surface pattern.

Tutanekai serenaded Hinemoa on his koauau in the well-known Maori love story.

The koauau and putorino (another form of Maori flute) were also played expertly by the patupaiarehe (fairy-folk of the forest and misty hilltops) to lure beautiful women into their clutches. Urukehu children (redheads) were thought to be the offspring of these seductions.

Size: 145 x 30 x 25 mm. Weight: 60 gms.

This video clip features various taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments) including the koauau and putorino. It beautifully evokes the musical soundscape within which they belong.