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How Did That Happen?

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Product ID: 327

A memoir

Mark Walton

Mark Walton grew up in the brightest yellow house at the not so posh end of Worcester Street. There was no indication that his simple childhood would be the nuturing ground for a prodigious musical talent and creative imagination. Playing the clarinet became his passport to an unlikely and fascinating life that has taken him from the quiet life of Christchurch to New York, South Africa and the Australian outback. This story is more about the man than the music. It is funny, sad, matter-of-fact and always inspirational.

A CD of Mark's compositions is included with the book.

All proceeds from the sale of this book on Kiwi2go are passed directly to the Christchurch School of Music Support Trust.

Outreach Music, 2010
softback, 245x167mm, 143pp