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Wild Plants of Mount Cook National Park

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Product ID: 320

A field guide written and illustrated by

Hugh Wilson

Mount Cook National Park includes some of New Zealand's most dramatic scenery, with its snow-covered peaks, glaciers, and river-beds. Despite its apparently barren landscapes, the Park has a fascinating vegetation—from lichens on the peaks to rich assemblages of flowering plants in the alpine grasslands and valleys.

In this guide, Hugh Wilson, one of New Zealand's foremost naturalists, describes and illustrates all 545 species of conspicuous plants that occur in the Park and some less conspicuous lower plants. The attractive illustrations and simple descriptions will enable even non-botanists to identify the plants. The book will be useful throughout New Zealand, well beyond the boundaries of Mount Cook National Park.

All proceeds from the sale of this book on Kiwi2go are passed directly to Hugh to support his work at Hinewai.

Manuka Press, 1996, hardback, 380pp.