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Tiki, Maori carved figure

NZ$ 290.00

Traditional Maori wood carving, handcrafted by

Simon Rogers

Tiki (carved figure in human form) handcarved in rewarewa, a native NZ tree, with paua inlay
In Maori mythology Tiki was the first man created by Tane, the god of forests and birds. Wooden carvings of a human in abstract form, referred to as tiki, were representative of whakapapa (ancestry). Neck ornaments, referred to as hei-tiki, usually carved in pounamu (nephrite jade), were prized possessions. The tiki has become an iconic symbol of New Zealand identity or, for visitors from overseas, an evocative souvenir of their Kiwi experience. Many have been mass-produced but this one is a unique and beautiful work of traditional Maori art.

Size: 200 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 182 gms