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Hinewai: The Journal of a New Zealand Naturalist

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A classic of natural history writing in New Zealand by

Hugh Wilson

Selections from the first eighteen issues of 'Pipipi', the newsletter that Hugh writes and illustrates about life, in all its forms, at Hinewai Nature Reserve, 1250 hectares of regenerating native forest that he established in 1987 and still manages for the Maurice White Native Forest Trust.

There are now over 1600 subscribers to "Pipipi', and like us they are probably waiting impatiently for the next copy of Hugh's handwriting, informed observations, quirky humour and delightful drawings to arrive in their mailbox. If you would like to subscribe, for a small annual donation, please write to Hugh Wilson, Reserve Manager, 632 Long Bay Rd, RD3, Akaroa 7583.

All proceeds from the sale of this book on Kiwi2go are passed directly to Hugh to support his work at Hinewai.

Shoal Bay Press 2002, paperback, 168pp.