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Pounamu (NZ jade) shepherd's whistle

NZ$ 120.00

Traditional working Kiwi shepherd's whistle carved in New Zealand in highly translucent Kahurangi pounamu. Kahurangi is the variety of NZ's jade most commonly thought of as greenstone. Wear it as a pendant because a pounamu piece becomes more personal and prized the more it is handled and worn next to the skin, taking on the body oils and the spirit of the wearer. Easy to play as a whistle - anybody can learn to blow one.

SPECIAL OFFER - If you would like help getting started with a whistle purchased from Kiwi2go please let us know and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a lesson by Skype.

Size: 42 mm x 21 mm x 5 mm
Adjustable cord and velvet drawstring bag included