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Tekoteko, Maori carved figure

NZ$ 2,250.00

Traditional Maori wood carving, handcrafted by

Simon Rogers

Tekoteko (human figure) handcarved from an old totara fence post with paua inlay
Traditionally a tekoteko would have been placed at the apex of the gable of a wharenui (meeting house) - often representing the ancestor after whom the whare was named, or on the prow of a waka (canoe), or as a sentinel post, on guard, free-standing or as part of the palisade protecting a pa (fortified village).

The photo below (bottom right) shows another tekoteko carved by Simon, standing above the gable of Karaweko, the wharenui at Onuku near Akaroa.

Size: 110 x 18 x 17 cm. Weight: 10 kg