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Stewart Island Plants

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Product ID: 326

A field guide written and illustrated by

Hugh Wilson

This attractive, popular field guide to the plants of Stewart Island describes and illustrates more than 800 species, some in colour, and includes conspicuous "lower plants" such as mosses and seaweeds, as well as higher plants (trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns).

The easy-to-use key and clear illustrations make this the definitive guide to the plants of Stewart Island. However, the book is also of enormous value to plant lovers elsewhere in New Zealand where many of the same species occur.

First printed in 1982 by Field Guide Publications; subsequently reprinted and updated by Manuka Press in 1994.

All proceeds from the sale of this book on Kiwi2go are passed directly to Hugh to support his work at Hinewai.

Manuka Press, 1994
Softback, 175x114mm, 528pp