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Small-leaved Shrubs of New Zealand

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Product ID: 325

A field guide written and illustrated by

Hugh Wilson and Tim Galloway

New Zealand has an extraordinary number of shrubs that have tiny leaves and a habit of interlacing branchlets. They belong to diverse botanical families, yet are superficially so similar that botanists, students, and naturalists despair of identifying them correctly.

Author Hugh Wilson and illustrator Tim Galloway have brought their considerable strengths together to produce this richly and attractively illustrated field guide which will enable everyone to identify these plants correctly. It accurately describes in simple terms more than 230 species and illustrates 180 of them in 75 plates of line drawings and photographs. Identification is aided by a comprehensive key.

All proceeds from the sale of this book on Kiwi2go are passed directly to Hugh to support his work at Hinewai.

Manuka Press, 1993
Hardback, 217x154mm, 307pp