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Putorino, Maori flute

NZ$ 470.00

Product ID: 366

Traditional Maori musical instrument, handcrafted by

Simon Rogers

Putorino (the largest of the traditional Maori flutes) handcarved in totara with paua inlaid eyes.

The putorino and koauau (another form of Maori flute) were played expertly by the patupaiarehe (fairy-folk of the forest and misty hilltops) to lure beautiful women into their clutches. Urukehu children (redheads) were thought to be the offspring of these seductions.
Size: 430 x 60 x 45 mm. Weight: 225 gms.

This video clip features various taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments) including the putorino (opening voice) and koauau. It beautifully evokes the musical soundscape within which they belong.