About Kiwi2go

Kiwi2go opened online in September 2011, a year after the first earthquake that rocked Christchurch and six months after the devastating shake in February that left many picking up the pieces of their previous lives while wondering "what now?" Kiwi2go was a new beginning for us.

We are committed to selling items that are made by hand in New Zealand and that are uniquely Kiwi, because of their materials; pounamu, our native timbers, wool... or because they represent something about our country that distinguishes it from all others; our landscapes, our flora and fauna, Maoritanga...

We also list items made by New Zealanders working more introspectively or in a more international context, work that is not particularly Kiwi in the way described but that showcases the best of the art and craftwork our artists and artisans are producing.

Our store is especially for those about to leave our shores, visitors returning home and Kiwis travelling overseas, looking for gifts to take with them for family, friends, hosts... or for those looking for a gift to celebrate a special event, an anniversary, the birth of a grandchild in a foreign land... gifts that are both from and of New Zealand.

Happy browsing
Jenni Davey

New suppliers
We are always on the lookout for new items to list so if you are interested in selling your work through Kiwi2go please contact us with details and email us some photos. We will respond by email, usually within 24 hours.