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Earth Whisperers/ Papatuanuku DVD NZ$ 30.00

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Earth Whisperers/ Papatuanuku DVD

Kathleen Gallagher's latest film Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku was shot at spectacular locations around New Zealand by acclaimed cameramen Alun Bollinger and Mike Single....
Healing Journeys/ He Oranga He Oranga DVD NZ$ 30.00

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Healing Journeys/ He Oranga He Oranga DVD

This inspiring feature documentary follows the journeys of eleven cancer survivors through - bone, bowel, breast, ovarian, prostrate, brain cancers, Hodgkins and...
Sky Whisperers/ Ranginui DVD NZ$ 30.00

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Sky Whisperers/ Ranginui DVD

This fascinating environmental feature calls us to a closer intimacy with our skies. Celestial navigators, climatologists, a Nobel prize winning scientist, biodynamic,...
Water Whisperers/ Tangaroa DVD NZ$ 30.00

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Water Whisperers/ Tangaroa DVD

This vibrant environmental documentary explores the healing and recovery of polluted and fished out water ways, and the conservation of wild water places - from mountain...